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Bluegrass Prep 14

Bluegrass Prep 14 contains beet pulp blended with premium quality cereal grains and vegetable oil to encourage weight gain and condition through slow release energy sources from highly digestible fibres. 

Fortified in bioplex trace minerals, including bio-available magnesium to aid increased muscle strength, metabolic funtion, skeletal and muscular development. Prep 14 also contains mycotoxin binders.

Prep 14 provides 20% more calories than conventional mixes, fortifed in Stamm 30®.

Designed for

  • Horses who need to gain weight & Condition
  • Horses being conditioned for Sales
  • Horses in Training with increased energy demands who need added calories
  • Endurance Horses or those Needing Extra Stamina

What's inside

  • Stamm 30 - the industry's premium protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate
  • Beet Pulp blended with premium quality cereal grains & vegetable oil
  • Highly digestible fibres for a sustained source of slow release energy
  • High Quality Oats
  • Mycotoxin Binders
  • Live Yeast Cultures to support digestive health and enhance nutrient bio-availability. 

Analytical Constituents

Prep 14
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 14.4
Protein % 14
Oil % 8.6
Fibre % 7.3
Ash % 7.3
Starch % 21

Composition (Descending Order)

Clipped oats, sugar beet, flake maize, soya (bean) meal *GM1, hi oil molglo, soya oil, flake peas, linseed, wheat feed, dicalcium phosphate, molasses, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamin E, ultrasorb

*GM1- produced from genetically modified soya

Vitamin A: 15,000 IU/KG, Vitamin B3: 1,900 IU/KG, Vitamin E: 200 IU/KG

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