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We produce quality horse feeds so our customers can reach their potential in their chosen equine discipline. We work with riders, owners and trainers and use the latest nutritional research and technology to produce feeds which will help you achieve optimum performance. We are Ireland's Kentucky Equine Research Team Member.

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What they say...

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Gordon Elliott

    “Bluegrass Racehorse Cubes keep my horses performing and looking well. Feeding Bluegrass gives us the confidence that our horses are receiving the best form of nutrition.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Kennth Graham

    “I feed Bluegrass as the products are tried and tested. We love that there is a wide range of products and there is something to fit every horse’s needs, from young horses to top performance horses.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Henry De Bromhead

    “I’ve been feeding Bluegrass Horse Feeds for a number of years, and I am always happy with how the horses look, the quality of the products and the customer service.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Sara Squires

    “Re-Solve works really well for our horses as it keeps them in top condition, supports their digestive health and provides a slow release of sustained energy.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Katie Wyse

    “We find the Cool & Condition cubes brilliant for the sharper ponies. It helps them gain condition safely and makes them relaxed, responsive and forward without overloading with energy or making them spooky.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Rebecca Menzies

    “We feed Hi-performance as it gives our racehorses the energy they need to perform. They recover quickly and the results speak for themselves.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    John Haughey M.R.C.V.S.

    “Since feeding Mare Prepare, I have found that the mares are cycling more regularly, and the quality of the embryos have improved.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Gavin Cromwell

    “I find the Bluegrass products are good for their coats and hooves, they are always in great condition.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Kate Dwyer

    “I absolutely love the Bluegrass Horse Feed Range! Every horse in the yard is fed Bluegrass and I can really see and feel the difference. There is a Bluegrass feed to suit every horse.”

  • Bluegrass Small Logo

    Mackenzie Healy

    “I have been feeding Turmash to my horses for years now. From my Grand Prix horses to the young horses in for breaking. I love that it helps maintain their health and condition without making them hot. One of my favourite feeds within the Bluegrass range, highly recommended!”