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Bluegrass Competition Mix

Bluegrass Competition Mix has been formulated to provide optimum nutrients to support the performance horse throughout training and competitions. Enriched in high quality vegetable oils and super fibres for source of slow release energy to increas stamina and power. There alternative energy sources reduce a high grain content and promote a healthy coat and condition. Fortified in bioplexes to enhance nutrient availability and aid muscle function. 

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of the performance horse diet to support rapid recovery and repair after competition, helping to minimise the risk of injury. High quality proteins also support recover, essential amino acids are the "building blocks" to support soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments and aid the repair of cells. 

Designed for

  • Horses and ponies in medium work
  • Showjumpers
  • Eventers
  • Driving Horses
  • Horses requiring extra condition

What's inside

  • Palatable Mix
  • High quality cooked cereals processed to improve digestibility
  • High quality vegetable oils to encourage a healthy, shiny coat and all round condition
  • Optimum levels of Vitamins and minerals
  • Slow release energy sources such as super fibres
  • Minerals which promote healthy hoof growth and a shiny coat
  • Bioplexes which enhance absorption and availability of nutrients, and aid effecicient muscle function.
  • KER Supplement

Analytical Constituents

Competition Mix
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 12.75
Protein % 12
Oil % 5.8
Fibre % 6.5
Ash % 6.8
Starch % 27

Feeding Guidelines


Light Work                - 1-1.5kg

Moderate Work         - 1.5-2kg

Hard Work                 - 2-2.5kg 



Light Work                - 1.5-2kg

Moderate Work         - 2.5-3kg

Hard Work                 -3.5-5kg

Customer Review

Customer Review

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  • "The horses are happy, they look great and are able to perform at their best"  Thomas O'Brien - Bluegrass Brand Ambassador

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