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Bluegrass Garlic Chaff

Bluegrass Garlic Chaff is a high fibre oat straw chaff with the addition of limestone flour, salt and a light molasses coating. 

Limestone flour is a rich source of calcium for you horses, vital for the healthy growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. 

Benefits of Garlic Chaff 

Fibre is the main soure of energy in the horses diet, higher fibre diets promote gastrointestinal health by supporting hindgut fermentation. High fibre diets have been reported to reduce the incidence of digesive issues such as gastric ulcers, hind gut acidosis and tying up. Recent studies have shown the benefits of providing a fibre based feed, such as chaff, before exercise to create a "fibre matt" within the stomach and avoid acidic "splashes" that can lead to gastric ulceration. 

What's inside? 

  • Dust free, it contains all the fibre necessary for health
  • Lightly coated with low-sugar molasses and limestone to slow the greediest eater.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and relieves boredom
  • Ensures that calcium is absorbed from the intestinal tract
  • Added garlic will help to support and maintain the immune system and maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system
  • Ideal for blending medication without detection
  • Slow feed intake for greedy horses 

Benefits of Garlic 

Garlic has been reported as a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and natural fly repellent. 

Feeding 1kg of Bluegrass Garlic Chaff per day contains enought garlic to eliminate the need for extra supplements. 

Composition (Descending Order)

Natural preservative (Proprionic acid), limestone flour, garlic powder, molasses, oat straw 

Find out more on the importance of fibre in your horses diet with the Bluegrass Facts about Fibre article. 

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