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Bluegrass Horse & Pony Cubes - with Calming pack

Bluegrass 10% Horse & Pony Cubes are a blend of oils & highly digestible fibre to provide a controlled release of the energy without the "Fizz".  

Fully fortified in high quality vitamins and minerals to support performance and a healthy digestive tract. Horse & Pony Cubes are oat free.  

Contains a Calming Pack- 3 sources of magnesium, vitamin B1 and flaxseed; a natural source of omega 3 & 6 shown to promote coat health and shine, immunity, inflammatory response and increase the energy density of the ration in a controlled form. 

Designed for

  • Horses in Light - Moderate Work
  • Maintenance
  • Horses recovering from illness or injury
  • Can supplement the diet of horses maintained at pasture during the winter months
  • Good doers
  • Seniors

What's inside

  • Highly palatable cube designed to be fed with high quality forage
  • 3 Sources of Magnesium 
  • Blend of oils & highly digestible fibre to provide a controlled release of energy without the "Fizz" 
  • Fully fortified with high quality vitamins and minerals for maximum health and performance
  • KER Supplement

Analytical Constituents

Horse & Pony Cubes
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 12
Protein % 10
Oil % 2.2
Fibre % 15
Ash % 4.65
Starch % 24

Composition (Descending order) 

Barley, soya (bean) hulls *GM1, wheat feed, bran pellets, molasses, linseed, sodium chloride, trace ultra, dical phos

Vitamin A: 4,400 IU/KG , Vitamin D3: 400 IU/KG, Vitamin E: 30 IU/KG

Feeding Guidelines9

*Based on daily intake, fed with high quality forage, at a recommended minimum of 1.5% body weight (dry matter) per day based on a 500kg horse

  Light Work Moderate Work Hard Work
Pony 1-1.5kg 1.5-2kg 2-2.5kg
Horse 1.5-2kg 2-3.5kg 3.5-5kg



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