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Bluegrass Fastrak

Bluegrass Fastrak is a high energy performance cube containing acid buffers to enhance the bio-availability of key nutrients required by the performance horse.  

Hindgut health is vital for the horse to have the ability to perform at their optimum level, hindgut fermentation creates the key energy sources and support muscle development, repair and recovery. Starch is an important non-structural carbohydrate that supports muscle function, growth and metabolism, if fed incorrectly high starch diets are associated with health issues such as tying up or hindgut acidosis. The inclusion of acid buffers in Bluegrass Fastrak help to "stable" and support the hind ut to get the benefits out of a high starch feed without the "bad" effects. 

Designed for

  • Horses in intense exercise and those competing at a high level
  • Equine Athletes to maintain them throughout their racing campaign
  • Flat Racehorses
  • National Hunt Racehorses
  • High Performance Horses
  • Eventers
  • Showjumpers 

What's inside

  • A palatable High energy cube, containing 13 % protein.
  • Super fibre which compliments the soluble carbohydrate content and provide an immediate release of energy.
  • Natural vitamin E
  • Mycotoxin binders
  • Acid buffers  

Analytical Constituents

Race Horse Cubes
Digestible Energy (mj/kg) 13.25
Protein % 13
Oil % 3.3
Fibre % 10.8
Ash % 7.7
Starch % 24.5

Composition (Descending order)

Wheat feed, soya (bean) hulls *GM1, maize, oats, barley, soya (bean) meal *GM1, sugar beet, molasses, acidbuf, dicalcium phosphate, soya oil, sodium chloride, ultrasorb, sanfed ultra

*GM1- produced from genetically modified soya

Vitamin A: 17,600 IU/KG, Vitamin B3: 1,700 IU/KG, Vitamin E: 250 IU/KG

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