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Bluegrass Donkey Cubes

Bluegrass Donkey Cubes are a highly palatable, high fibre cube specifically designed to provide donkeys with a balanced diet.

Specifically designed for donkeys, providing a balanced diet through a highly palatable cube. Wheat free and low in protein and energy, this cube is a high source of fibre essential to promote gastrointestinal health. Fortified in high quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements for overall health and condition.

Designed for

  • Promote overall health and condition
  • Senior donkeys
  • Working or during lactation
  • Promote weight gain and maintain condition


What's Inside?

  • Low in energy
  • Fortified in vitamins and minerals
  • High levels of vitamin E
  • Can be soaked to be fed as a palatable mash
  • High fibre for optimum gastrointestinal health
  • Promotes coat shine and health
Customer Review

Customer Review

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  • " My prize winning donkey, Pablo, has a fantastic shine and healthy coat since feeding the Bluegrass Donkey Cubes"    Suzi Truesdale

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